Innovation as a Process


Advanced Manufacturing

Based on “purpose-built” manufacturing processes, our Truck Operating System (TOS) allows us to repeatedly deliver vehicles that offer the highest performance in every application. 

Long before any Freightliner truck is assembled on the production line, our engineering team designs and builds digital mock-ups of every truck model. Using these advanced simulations, we perfect the design, automate production processes and optimize robotics to meet exacting specifications. This level of advanced manufacturing ensures consistent production of the highest quality trucks. 

Setting the Standards of the Future

Every day, we use cutting-edge manufacturing technology to produce superior trucks, putting them through strict testing to ensure their quality. Calibrated robotics and other automated systems enable us to consistently achieve precise results on every production line. 

Requiring input from all disciplines of the organization at our manufacturing plants, DTNA’s TOS drives our robust manufacturing processes. This system ensures high performance and continuous improvement in meeting manufacturing’s core objectives: quality, lowered costs, increased safety, on-time delivery and employee morale.

We make a constant, concentrated effort to understand the human factors in the production process, instituting changes that create an ever-safer workplace.

State-of-the-art automation, like robots that paint and weld, helps us meet exacting standards. Sophisticated test equipment ensures that each vehicle’s electrical system is consistent with specifications, and advanced information technology systems ensure that each customer request becomes part of the final vehicle, such as creating a chassis that serves as the perfect foundation for your vocational truck body and equipment and optimizing every aspect of the truck’s design.

When your Freightliner rolls off our production line, you can be confident that you’re receiving a truck that’s been precisely manufactured to perform as designed for years to come.

Despite our tremendous investment in machinery and technology, Freightliner is proud that people still build our trucks. Our people are the most important part of the process. Our manufacturing team is made up of thousands of skilled, committed employees, each dedicated to the highest standards of workmanship and quality.