A Tradition of Innovation

A scenic view of a lineup of Freightliner trucks against a backdrop of lush greenery.

Quality Driven, Innovatively Designed: Freightliner’s Legacy

Established in 1942, acquired by Daimler-Benz in 1981, and operating under the DTNA name since 2008, Freightliner Trucks is a testament to Leland James' unwavering dedication to quality through innovation. Today, it proudly holds the title of the most successful on-highway trucking brand in North America.

The Beginning of an Industry Pioneer

It all started with James' passionate determination to construct an aluminum chassis for his Consolidated Freightways brand of commercial trucks, despite facing skepticism from doubters. His innovation proved to be immensely successful, propelling Freightliner to the forefront of the commercial trucking industry. For nearly three quarters of a century, Freightliner has remained a pioneer, driven by an unwavering commitment to unmatched quality through innovation.

This commitment is exemplified by a holistic approach known as "trucking down to a science," which leverages every breakthrough while steadfastly embracing the latest advancements in engineering and design technology.

Leland James standing proudly in front of an original Freightliner truck, captured in a vintage photograph.

Freightliner's leadership in innovation is fueled by two primary objectives: addressing market demands and solving customer challenges. Our steadfast commitment to research and innovation empowers us to deliver the transportation industry's highest-quality, most efficient trucks.

Our journey begins by integrating cutting-edge technologies into our concept trucks. Fueled by inspiration and a relentless drive to innovate, technological advancements in our Revolution Innovation, SuperTruck II, and Inspiration concept vehicles have revolutionized the industry

The momentous unveiling of the Inspiration, hailed as "the first licensed autonomous commercial truck to operate on an open public highway in the United States," crossing the Hoover Dam in late 2015, marked a pivotal event in the trucking industry. At Freightliner, we turn these concepts into reality, continuously introducing new innovations to the market with each successive truck in production—yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

An elegant snapshot of the Freightliner Inspiration truck.

Freightliner’s Enduring Impact

Since its inception in 1942, Freightliner has been at the forefront of manufacturing lightweight and durable trucks. Our unwavering dedication to innovation, technology, and responsive customer relationships has cemented Freightliner as one of the most esteemed names in the industry.

Today, Freightliner holds the distinction of being the top-selling brand across various truck categories including medium duty, on-highway, severe duty, and electric trucks in North America. Our commitment to excellence remains steadfast as we continue to engineer trucks with the needs of business owners and professional truck drivers at the forefront. Each truck we produce is meticulously designed to deliver results that not only bolster businesses but also grow bottom lines.